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Biodegradable, but still tough on dirt & bacteria

Swiftly leaves the home hygienically clean

Effortlessly remove stains with Dettol Antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes, made with biodegradable plant fibres for a green clean all round. These large moisture-rich, bleach-free wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* and 90% of allergens for fast and hygienic cleaning of non-porous surfaces, equipment and toys around the home. Designed for your convenience on the go, each pack is resealable with a moisture-lock lid for antibacterial protection wherever you are.


Product Features

How to Use

  1. Pull back the resealable cover, pull out wipe 
  2. Reseal after each usage & store cover facing down to avoid drying out 
  3. Wipe surface for a more hygienic clean and then dispose of wipe. 
  4. For disinfection, one wipe should be used to cover an area of 44cm x 44cm. Allow the surface to remain wet for at least 5 minutes. 
  5. Dispose of wipe in the appropriate home bin. Do not flush.
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More ways to use this product…

Unsure of what to do with our products when they’ve finished? Please read the product label for recycling advice. Together, we can help protect and create a cleaner world.

  • Cold & Flu viruses (Influenza H1N1, Human Coronavirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
  • *Coronavirus = SARS-CoV-2 
Made with Biodegradable Fibres
These wipes are tough on bacteria and dirt, yet kind to the environment.

Safety Instructions

  • Not suitable for: Porous surfaces, carpet, upholstery, fabric

  • Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

  • If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents / container in accordance with local regulation.

  • Not for personal use.




Germ Protection
Benzalkonium Chloride

Per 100g contains 0.52g Benzalkonium Chloride, Contains < 5% of Non-Ionic Surfactants, Disinfectant, Perfume


  • Can you use Dettol Biodegradable Cleansing Surface Wipes on skin?

    No, this is not recommended. To sanitise your hands, opt for Dettol 2 in 1 Wipes.

  • How do I dispose of Dettol Biodegradable Cleansing Surface Wipes?

    Once empty we urge consumers to recycle the packaging after use through our Terracycle partnership scheme. This is a quick and free method that involves simply taking the waste to a public drop-off location near you; please drop them off during the designated hours. Alternatively, If there isn’t a public drop-off location near you yet then you can set up your own public drop-off location for free.

  • Will Dettol Biodegradable Cleansing Surface Wipes kill Covid-19 virus?

    Yes. This product has demonstrated effectiveness against the Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) when used in accordance with the directions for use.