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Moms Know What It Takes to Protect

It’s their DNA, and it’s in ours too. Which is why Lysol is paying homage to the most incredible and protective moms on the planet – both animals and humans alike. Because no one protects like a mother. And nothing helps mothers protect against germs like Lysol.

Lysol. What it takes to protect.


When it comes to her cubs, the mother lion is always up for a game of hide-and-go-seek. Except in her case it’s more like a game of hide-and-give-birth. When a lioness begins to go into labor, she’ll hide in a dense bush where her newborn cubs will be safe from other predators. Her cubs will stay hidden in the bush for nearly three months until they’re large enough to join the pride. Ready or not, here they come.


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No one protects like a mother. Say thank-you to yours with this sharable Mother’s Day card.